Buba Bang Bang

We call this pattern Buba Bang Bang.  It's a slow progressing artistic sequence that is a little different every time you visit your home screen.  Buba starts a new color every time you press your screen.



How to get Buba

Start your Mez Tools app and click the settings button in the upper right. Press the themes drop down and choose Buba Bang Bang from the selections.  If you like you can press the color themes too.  Select one you like.  When done, press OK and exit Mez Tools.  Your wallpaper is now using Buba Bang Bang.


When to use Buba Bang bang

We recomend that you use the "Buba" when you are feeling a bit down.  Set your lil Mez minions to work for you and youll accomplish something truely wonderous.  Show your friends what you did today. You might even make the daily news.  Who knows where this can end.  Bet you are feeling better already!  And if not, try a different color.