Pepe Le Plaid

Well it's not exactly plaid but don't tell Pepe.  He is very proud of his work.  And he does it so fast too.  Even if it wont make your tablet blend into your newest flannel shirt this one is a keeper.  Experiment with the settings and who knows?  You may get some flannel wear after all.


How to get Pepe LePlaid 

Start your Mez Tools app and click the settings button in the upper right. Press the themes drop down and choose Pepe LePlaid from the selections.  If you like you can press the color themes too.  Select one you like.  When done, press OK and exit Mez Tools.  Your wallpaper may be making your next flannel shirt.

When to use the Pepe LePlaid

Perhaps the best time for Pepe is in mid summer when you wouldn't dram of wearing plaid. But you just gotta have some.