Mez is a fun interactive live wallpaper
And now it's better than ever.  Still absolutely free.


Our latest version comes with a wallpaper tool app that makes choosing your Mez wallpaper as easy as a single click. Simply start Mez tools, press the yellow star, and you're done!

If you like to experiment, all of the fun settings are right there in Mez tools.  Make as many changes as you like and when you are done, your live wallpaper will automatically reflect them.

Mez live wallpaper will catch your eye every time you visit your home screen. You might even want to check out what Mez has accomplished since your last visit. Be careful though. Have a friend check on you once in a while to be sure you have not become mesmerized!


Mez runs great on the latest phones and tablets!

- Easy live wallpaper setup

- Lots of fun settings

- Truly interactive

- Try out the cool themes too

- Did we say easy live wallpaper setup?


Be sure to check our Mez Live Wallpaper when you visit Google Play!

... and most of all, have Fun